Features - Customer Relationship Management

Give your customers the ability to sign up and manage their own accounts. They'll appreciate the convenience and you will save time with fewer customer service calls. The portal will be branded with your logo and served through your domain name.

On-boarding (sign up)

Customers can select their own plan and enter their billing information. The system will automatically assign them to the correct route and setup their account. stopCheckr integrates with stripe.com for payment processing. We do not charge a signup fee for new customers but credit card payments endure the standard 2.9% + 30¢ / transaction fee from Stripe.

Customer Portal

Customers will be given access to their own account through your branded portal.

Edit Payment Methods

Let customers update their own billing information, view billing history, and edit their account details.

Failed Payment Notifications

When a customer's credit card fails, they'll receive four notices over the course of 2 weeks with a direct link to update their payment method. If they fail to update their account, we'll automatically take them off the route.

Service & Billing History

Customers can see a record of their service history from their account. They'll be able download invoices and view their previous statements as well.

Looking for something specific?

Do you want to integrate an instant chat feature, setup an integrated programmatic voicemail service, send automated SMS reminders, we can help with that too! Let us know your software dreams, and we'll send you a quote.