Features - Driver App

Remove the guesswork for your drivers so they can focus on getting the job done. The app is lightweight and intuitive; your drivers will pick it up with little to no training.

A Full-featured Android App for Drivers

The app guides the driver through the route. As an administrator, you will be able to control what routes are available for the drivers from the management suite. There are a number of other features including integrated timesheets, GPS tracking, speed monitoring, service photos, and even automated service and product delivery email confirmation.

Intuitive Data Entry

Drivers can complete stops with as little as one touch of the finger. If more data is required, your drivers can take images and notes. If there is other data you wish to track on route, just let us know and we'll add it to your app.

Driver Actions

Adding custom one-time driver actions is simple Drivers must complete these extra actions if there is one attached to a stop. Actions can prompt drivers to deliver products, take photos, or any other special action.

GPS/Speed Tracking

The app tracks the vehicles location while on the route. You'll be able to see your entire fleet displayed on a map in real time from the management suite.

Pre-trip Inspections

Require drivers to complete custom pre-trip inspections at the start of every route. Failed inspections will be emailed to your staff and all reports are saved and available from the management suite.

Simplified Data Tracking

Keep it simple, or add custom data entry fields to routes - our app allows drivers to enter data quickly. It is light on data usage and quick to respond.

Integrated Timesheets

Have your drivers and employees clock-in and out directly from the app. They will also be able to see their timesheet history. Customized timesheet reports are available from the management suite when you are ready to do payroll.

Scale Weights & Tickets

Record scale weights and tickets directly from the app. The data is stored in the management suite for easy access later.

One-click turn-by-turn Navigation

The app integrates with most your favorite navigation app like Google Navigation and Waze. One click will open your default navigation app and direct you to the next stop.

Missing Something?

If there is a feature you are interested that is not listed here, just let us know. Your app can be easily customized to your specifications.

Pre-trip Inspections

Before starting each route, drivers must complete pre-trip inspections for their vehicle. You can customize and group the items in an inspection. Items can be marked as pass/fail and drivers can add optional notes and images to item. Items marked as 'failed' or items that have images and notes, will be sent to a member of your team via email.

Custom Inspections

Make your own custom pre-trip inspection categories and requirements.

Pretrip Alert Emails

If an item on an inspection fails, a detailed report will be sent to your maintenance team. You can also access report data from the management suite.

Upload Photos & Take Notes

A picture is worth a thousand words. Have your driver take images of problematic items and write notes to explain the problem.

Vehicles & VINs

You can add as many vehicles to the suite as you'd like. The driver will select their vehicle before starting the pre-trip inspection. The system will automatically decode your VIN numbers and save your vehicle's information.