Compost Haulers

Organics collection is a rapidly growing industry with new municipalities and private companies starting services all of the US. Our tools will not only help you manage your routes, but help you better engage with your customers.

Let the software do the work.

Imagine this. You have a customer that wants to signup for service. They go you your site, enter their address, and are immediately presented with the various plans available at their location. Once they complete the sign up form, the following actions take place automatically and behind the scenes:

  • Customer is subscribed to an automated payment plan and their credit card is securely saved in the system.
  • A driver action is added to their first scheduled service for bin delivery. (This can be setup to create special bin delivery routes too, if you do not deliver bins on regular routes.)
  • The customer is assigned to the appropriate route.
  • A welcome email is sent to the customer with instructions on how to get started.
  • A branded receipt is emailed to the customer.
  • They are immediately logged into their account and taken to their dashboard where they can update their payment settings, account info, and a lot more.